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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Benefits Of Tibetan Mushroom.

" Tibetan what ? " ..... that`s normally the  reaction i get when i explain why i dont have heart-burn or indigestion any more.

Anyone that has to take medication on a regular basis will know what its like attempting  to sleep upright to stop the nasty.  You dont  have to be taking tablets alot to get horrible indigestion either , modern lifestyles dont suit the stomache,  we all know how to eat healthy but most of the time - we dont.

tl:dr - i think you should know about tibetan mushroom.

It is a type of fermented milk, or KEFIR and it looks like this :

It looks and feels like rubbery cauliflour 

its a living thing that just loves milk.

you cover it with milk,, doesnt matter what sort, s=
After 24 hrs - if not too cold - it looks like this. --
( it needs to breathe, so dont seal the container - )

Yeah, i know. Doesnt look too appetising does it.?

empty the whole gurgling mess into a sive over a bowl.

rinse the kefir grains with water and put back in the jar.

cover with milk.

drink the kefir 

< i  have a small amount every morning and sometimes at night, >

most important : it must not touch metal.

Thanks google,, i found a video. -

If you get some, and use it, you cant help but to pass it on. 
I use it because of pancreatic issues that have landed me in hospital a couple of times.
A friend of mine suffers with MS, and made a point of coming round to my house to shake my hand when i gave him some.  
The antibiotic side of things really helped during the flu season this year.

Sorry Actimel, i dont buy your probiotic drinks anymore. 
Or Gaviston.

Its the fastest way of getting rid of mouth ulcers i have ever seen.

mind you,, it can make you fart like a champion sometimes.

oh,, and it grows.

 and grows, 

so you can split it and pass on the good.

Thanks For Reading.

Edited to add :   , If anyone still would like some, please e-mail me and i can arrange it (via paypal to cover costs ).

UK mainland only. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012


not sure if this is worth blogging, but i`m going to anyway.
earlier today, i typed +1 in a comment  as a way of giving kudos to a post. i did it without thinking, a practice that has been around forums and message boards for as long as people have been pinging the internets ( stop me if i get too technical ) . . but, it was totally in context.  maybe  people will start doing it in  e-mail replies , could even migrate to real life text message replies. it happened with LOL , albeit ironically to start with, but it has happened.

<  at this point i went off on so many tangents that i stared at this post for 20 mins and deleted enough lines of text to write a short story >

here are the highlights :

i mean come on, what the hell were ..............and then it was dead easy to ...............pmsl can be quite embarrassing in certain situations.........how many thumbs up ?........i`d give her +1...........rotflabsoms........saving text space ?!? why ?!?..........only one cup ? i cant see why ...omg!!!........it's that button there.., no...there.

thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

future posts.

I really feel i should apologise for the long rambling comments i leave on others posts, there are so many subjects i want to write about,, then i read other blogs and the list gets bigger.
i shall collect my thoughts and attempt a schedule , whether this will be fruitful or not, remains to be seen.

For example :

if an author physically takes a month to write a novel, but has spent 10 years thinking about it , how long has the book really taken ?

owning a camera does not make you a photographer.

my theory on dreams and how nightmares are simply dreams we don't understand.

the benefits of Tibetan Mushroom. . (google it and be amazed )

why i have so many nicknames, and why i have one friend called porn-star pat, and another called gigolo mark. seriously. its like some weird film cast ; featuring vicky 10 coats, tut tut toria, grub-away mansions, the grinner, animal dave, sicky, monkey dave, hit-me mark, side-boob jon....... etc. .that will be a long post. -

the direct parallels between crack-cocaine and mobile text messages.

the denial for years, but having to face the reality of a basic underlying fact: i`ve got green fingers.

how having the flu, really REALLY  hurts but not as much as pluracy.

how as my life ended up like a carry-on film. - nonUK readers may have to google the genre -

hiring a car for the weekend and dissapearing round europe for 3 weeks may not be a good idea.

the target i set was to stop typing when i stop typing for more than 20 seconds.. that just happened.

thanks for reading.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Piracy ?

Is that where someone steals, offers no replacement or compensation ?
Just checking, because there seems to be some confusion. does not make a difference. If you have the resources to shut a website down, why not prove it.

Megaupload has been taken down today, <a few will follow no doubt.>, using money generated from decades of overpriced and massively taxed media distributed by money grabbing corporations. I really think these people should look up the definition of fair play. At some point in the future, am i going to get charged for catching a glimpse of a tv show through a shop window.

Sites getting taken down, the "owners" getting stung for big bucks. I cant honestly see it stopping file share sites completely - the hydra grows more heads every time but my point is , , wait, what was my point.? 
ah yes,,, how exactly is cloud storage going to work? 
lets say,, i buy a splendid shiny cd album by a band that make real music. I know i like the band because i listened to a demo they put on the internet. I buy the album and make copy for myself. the copy is stored on a cloud somewhere. do i lose that copy if the cloud gets taken down ? 
of course i do.

Now then, consider this.:
i cant find any demos of new bands because of copyright restrictions, the  you tube is full of cats, and kids falling off skateboards, all with the ever present 009 soundsystem soundtrack. Most of the original material has been removed because it looks like / sounds like / appears similar to  - some other production engineered by committee and signed off by simon cowell.

I`m going to leave it there because its all been talked about, discussed at length and no doubt voted on on facebook. It makes no difference,, money always wins. especially old money.

First Post

See what i did there ?
 First Post ? ,


never mind, my only real resources at the moment are time and internet access, so i`m going to bore you with the details........< part of the text is missing due to serious tedium >.

This is my first post on blogger,, i`ve lurked for a while, but the internets gets in the way.  It happens when you have been using the internetweb for a while.

 1994 was the first time i plugged a lead into a modem, nervously plugged into a phone socket and couldn't think what to do. I was working for Compaq at the time, in a fairly sparse warehouse towards the welsh border, building and testing the first real generation of home p.c.s, and having so much fun with the yet to be released windows 95. The remit was simple : here`s a copy of win95 - see if you can break it. . . so much fun - for about 2 weeks, then it got really boring. We had 3 months to evaluate it and spent a good 2 months playing golf and having pallet truck races.

18 months later and i`m working in a quality control department; major computer distribution company with a server on the floor above. Super fast internet access, with nothing to search for and nothing really to search with.. this was before deja, let alone google . . .

 bored yet?  . . . i was. Testing virtual reality glasses and endless days playing, sorry "testing" laptops to see if they could handle 8 hours of furious Doom playing. Trust me, you soon get bored.
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