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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Benefits Of Tibetan Mushroom.

" Tibetan what ? " ..... that`s normally the  reaction i get when i explain why i dont have heart-burn or indigestion any more.

Anyone that has to take medication on a regular basis will know what its like attempting  to sleep upright to stop the nasty.  You dont  have to be taking tablets alot to get horrible indigestion either , modern lifestyles dont suit the stomache,  we all know how to eat healthy but most of the time - we dont.

tl:dr - i think you should know about tibetan mushroom.

It is a type of fermented milk, or KEFIR and it looks like this :

It looks and feels like rubbery cauliflour 

its a living thing that just loves milk.

you cover it with milk,, doesnt matter what sort, s=
After 24 hrs - if not too cold - it looks like this. --
( it needs to breathe, so dont seal the container - )

Yeah, i know. Doesnt look too appetising does it.?

empty the whole gurgling mess into a sive over a bowl.

rinse the kefir grains with water and put back in the jar.

cover with milk.

drink the kefir 

< i  have a small amount every morning and sometimes at night, >

most important : it must not touch metal.

Thanks google,, i found a video. -

If you get some, and use it, you cant help but to pass it on. 
I use it because of pancreatic issues that have landed me in hospital a couple of times.
A friend of mine suffers with MS, and made a point of coming round to my house to shake my hand when i gave him some.  
The antibiotic side of things really helped during the flu season this year.

Sorry Actimel, i dont buy your probiotic drinks anymore. 
Or Gaviston.

Its the fastest way of getting rid of mouth ulcers i have ever seen.

mind you,, it can make you fart like a champion sometimes.

oh,, and it grows.

 and grows, 

so you can split it and pass on the good.

Thanks For Reading.

Edited to add :   , If anyone still would like some, please e-mail me and i can arrange it (via paypal to cover costs ).

UK mainland only. 


  1. Sounds and looks a bit creepy!

  2. sure does. its also slightly alchoholic after 24 hrs. a friend of mine swears by it as a hangover cure.

    goes nice in a smoothy with strawberries.

  3. You're right that it didn't look that appetizing :P but might have to check it out.

  4. wow so many things i didn't knew
    great post :)

  5. I have problems with mouth ulcers. Will try.

  6. I'm very tempted to try this. I've been having intestinal problems lately.

  7. eeeeee....It really looks like cauliflower ...and its not that appealing ...for the very first time I heard this thing..thanks for the info :)
    new follower :)

  8. Strawberry smoothie with it sounds cool.

  9. Replies
    1. i just got some today from a friend, and i have alot of stomach issues, bladder infections all the time and everything i eat hurts my belly and makes be bloated and gassy, do anybody know if it can help with any of those problems??

  10. Yeah I know how it is sleeping upright, had to do that last night, well I say sleep, I got 2 hours :((( It's a funny looking . . . Don't even know what to call it really hehe, but if it works, result :) (also loving the champion farting bit too) returning the follow :))

  11. THIS is fascinating, though the "IT MUST NOT TOUCH METAL" was a little like the warning about feeding Gremlins after midnight- I immediately wanted to do it.

    Great blog, following you now!

    1. Hysterical! I was thinking same thing. I am curious, what will happen if it touches metal? will it combust? My mom just brought some over for me this weekend and I am not sure i want the responsibility of taking care of what feels like my new pets... Does anyone know if water option is still good instead of adding milk?

    2. it needs the fats in milk, so no.

  12. wow thats something i had never heard of before :o very interesting info

  13. Very Interesting weird looking but you cant judge a book by its cover , Awesome Post!

  14. Shows how I prejudge shrooms. Stuff seems to look like a hybrid between the cauliflower, fermented juice, and cole slaw. I'll give my bro the recipe, he loves to prepare meals over a day in advance. Following for more cool stuff.

    1. i`m not entirely sure why they call it a mushroom....

    2. because it is a fungus (mushroom = fungus)

  15. it reminds me of popcorn...must have some popcorn soon but not late at night or ill need more of this ^_^

  16. It doesnt look tasty. Uhhh. Really dude?

  17. “…we all know how to eat healthy but most of the time - we dont.” – You definitely hit some truth in this. Speaking of food for a healthy diet, mushrooms should instantly be included, especially this Tibetan Kefir. It might not be really appealing to the eyes, but it surely does make a tasty and curative drink. You’ve talked about indigestion; this particular type of mushroom is really a natural provider of probiotics to our digestive track.

    Mack Shepperson

  18. I am drinking it every single day, healthy stuff the farts will stop after few weeks.

  19. Worried about the metal comment. I put metal spoon in for a second then realised and changed but it still seems ok. What harm could I have done?

    1. a little contact with metal is no problem.

  20. Does anyone mind sharing it? I had this mushroom years ago and lost it when moved to a new place.


  21. If anyone is wondering...yes it does taste revolting...then you burp..and its a pleasant sensation..no burn ,no acid. my stomach is now a happy place.

  22. Hi there,
    does anyone has a possibility of sharing it? my email it's turaevalora@hotmail.com
    I greatly appreciated in advance

  23. Same as ABOVE

    Help appreciated


  24. I can share but live in NJ. Don't know where u guys are. it cant be mailed because container has to remain open so they could breathe.


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