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Thursday, 19 January 2012

First Post

See what i did there ?
 First Post ? ,


never mind, my only real resources at the moment are time and internet access, so i`m going to bore you with the details........< part of the text is missing due to serious tedium >.

This is my first post on blogger,, i`ve lurked for a while, but the internets gets in the way.  It happens when you have been using the internetweb for a while.

 1994 was the first time i plugged a lead into a modem, nervously plugged into a phone socket and couldn't think what to do. I was working for Compaq at the time, in a fairly sparse warehouse towards the welsh border, building and testing the first real generation of home p.c.s, and having so much fun with the yet to be released windows 95. The remit was simple : here`s a copy of win95 - see if you can break it. . . so much fun - for about 2 weeks, then it got really boring. We had 3 months to evaluate it and spent a good 2 months playing golf and having pallet truck races.

18 months later and i`m working in a quality control department; major computer distribution company with a server on the floor above. Super fast internet access, with nothing to search for and nothing really to search with.. this was before deja, let alone google . . .

 bored yet?  . . . i was. Testing virtual reality glasses and endless days playing, sorry "testing" laptops to see if they could handle 8 hours of furious Doom playing. Trust me, you soon get bored.

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