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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

future posts.

I really feel i should apologise for the long rambling comments i leave on others posts, there are so many subjects i want to write about,, then i read other blogs and the list gets bigger.
i shall collect my thoughts and attempt a schedule , whether this will be fruitful or not, remains to be seen.

For example :

if an author physically takes a month to write a novel, but has spent 10 years thinking about it , how long has the book really taken ?

owning a camera does not make you a photographer.

my theory on dreams and how nightmares are simply dreams we don't understand.

the benefits of Tibetan Mushroom. . (google it and be amazed )

why i have so many nicknames, and why i have one friend called porn-star pat, and another called gigolo mark. seriously. its like some weird film cast ; featuring vicky 10 coats, tut tut toria, grub-away mansions, the grinner, animal dave, sicky, monkey dave, hit-me mark, side-boob jon....... etc. .that will be a long post. -

the direct parallels between crack-cocaine and mobile text messages.

the denial for years, but having to face the reality of a basic underlying fact: i`ve got green fingers.

how having the flu, really REALLY  hurts but not as much as pluracy.

how as my life ended up like a carry-on film. - nonUK readers may have to google the genre -

hiring a car for the weekend and dissapearing round europe for 3 weeks may not be a good idea.

the target i set was to stop typing when i stop typing for more than 20 seconds.. that just happened.

thanks for reading.


  1. you are not alone on most of that, I have a fairly similar list...

  2. That first question is really thought provoking. As a corollary to that, if you're pouring yourself into your work by writing that novel, isn't the novel's quality enabled by all your experiences up to that point? In other words, would the starting point of a novel be the point at which YOU yourself began, as an individual?

  3. Smart phones are like crack these days. I see more people around campus on their phones instead of interacting with people around them. Its sad really

  4. Sounds very interesting!
    Nice blog.


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