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Sunday, 19 February 2012

had to be done.


something else i did when i was myspace famous.

< its a bit loud >

i used ableton live, reason and twiddley-button stuff to do the music.

 for the video 
i used bryce, gimp and some random chaos generator freebee to make gif animations 
oh, and tied together reasonably well with windows' very own, movie maker.

i did say it was a bit loud.


  1. Very cool! Although the big moving balloon reminds me a bit of "The Prisoner." Remember how the big balloons used to come up out of the ocean and chase No. 6 back to The Village? Yeah, just like that, LOL!

  2. I'm glad it's loud, I can hear it just fien on my crappy speakers! And I'm glad you did good with windows movie maker. I can't use it worth for anything, but as long as it kinda works, I'm good.

  3. Sounds pretty cool! And you weren't joking when you said it was a bit loud.


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