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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nutshell TV Review #1


Thats him, Dr Gregory House, but to say it properly, it needs space. . like this.

~    House    ~

any fans of Family Guy will immediately think, Road-House. I know i always do.

anyhoo, down to business.

Show usually  begins with people you`ve not seen before, so you just know that someone is going to get ill. - a bit like the old star trek when you dont recognise one member of the landing party.

Initial guesses are made by the medical team.

House says Lupus.

Tests are done, patient recovers a little.

Quirky sub-plot ensues.

House goes out of his way to be a pain in the ass.

Patient gets ill again.

Quirky sub-plot influences the team.

Ugly doctor  : " it`s a poison or toxin or bad sandwhiches and why did my wife leave me  "

Beautiful doctor  :  " I have issues "

Bland but intriguing doctor :  "  i find none of you attractive, i`m going to get sacked arent i ? "

House : " it`s Lupus "

2 doctors search the house of poorly for clues., house pretends to grovel to boss, boss gives house more clinic hours.

everyone but house  :  " we know whats wrong with the patient, aint we great. ?  "

2 doctors converse over the patient while giving treatment.

Patient gets really ill.

quirky sub-plot turns out to be the biggest clue.

House limps into shot and announces how stupid we all are, it was the airport lobby shampoo after all.

8 series in and still going strong,, if you`ve not seen it before, think Sherlock Homes and Columbo had a love child and.... no. i think i`ll stop there.

see you next time on Nutshell TV Review : breaking it down so you dont have to.

thanks for reading.


  1. Replies
    1. so do i, unfortunately its unrequited . he never returns my calls.

  2. Anyone who understands the formula of a TV show that well should be hired as a scriptwriter. I always thought Columbo was the lovechild of Sherlock Holmes and Barney Rubble.

  3. Very true review, nailed it great!

  4. Replies
    1. i do too, i`ve seen every episode ( i think ).

  5. I never got into "House" but every time it's on, I watch the entire episode.

  6. Gawd, I hate that show. They are all the same. Throw a gun wielding maniac into that synopsis and you will have it perfect. Gah! Why do people watch it?

  7. I love me some House but even I can't deny it follows the same pattern. Thankfully the stories outside of the patients are usually good too.

  8. Isn't it.. 'not' lupus? I was pretty sure it's 'never' lupus o-o I don't even watch it that much, though.

    1. the cheat-sheet version of house : these pills? no, these pills ? no, these pills ? ...or maybe i`m thinking of grey`s anatomy.

  9. I can never take him seriously and always associate him with Berty Wooster

  10. I might watch it once I finish all seasons of Being Human.

  11. I thought house was anti lupus
    at one point he even says "it's never lupus"
    other than that, kinda accurate in the overly simplified version of things
    but there is an overarching storyline between the coverage of patients
    and the most recent season seems to be changing things a little bit to get out of that pattern

  12. Can't say I've actually seen House. But now I know what to expect from all the episodes so no point in watching now :>

  13. Haha, thanks. Now I don't have to watch a single episode. If you do one for Spartacus, I'll still have to watch, though. Good series, keep them up.

  14. Never mind the bullshit, eh?! If only more reviews were as direct, I can't stand all the fuff! :)

    1. ha,, you should see my review of "lost".

  15. good review

    thanks for visiting my blog, now following

  16. Looks like you've figured out the series now too! I've been watching house since season 5, I liked it, too bad it's.... It's.. :(

  17. I've not watched it, and now I don't have to. :-)


  18. This show is awesome....and could Olivia Wilde be any more gorgeous!?!?!?

  19. This has saved me a lot of time - thanks!

  20. Lol, brilliant breakdown. I still love watching House though

  21. I watch house once in away when time permits and I enjoy it. So thanks for the review.


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