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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nutshell TV Review #2

The Big Bang Theory.

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...

The Earth began to cool,

something, something  something.

something.........we build the pyramids.

i could send you off to the official wiki of this perpetual sit-com,  but to be honest - i dont think you`ll ever come back.  have you seen how many countries this is licensed to ? i`m not suprised really, its a guaranteed formula. 

when the friends machine was broken up for spares, the mechanics went to work and reverse engineered their way into their collective accountants good books. < pun intended,  >

translation : friends finished, now we all watch this.

It may come as a shock to readers who have the good sense not to watch brain-numbing sitcom based tv -  but - believe it or not , this is not a porn film. oh no, its about 4 guys, and a girl who lives across the hall. i didnt think i`d get the geeky jokes, but the laughter track lets you know whats funny or not. its easy to overlook the mild racism, bigotry and general sociopathic behaviour when you`ve got Kaley Cuoco to look at occasionally. She gets the best lines everytime and her timing is exquisite . Not many people can get a genuine laugh with just a look.

oh dear, this is turning into a real review - quick - bailout bailout.

the episode i`ve  just watched ( for research purposes ) went like this :

  geek #1 : something,  something,  something

  geek #2 : something something halo night.

  geek #3 : something,  laptop, star trek reference < laughs > 

  geek #2 : < questions geek#3`s sexuality ><laughs>

  geek #3 : something something something darkside.<laughs>

  geek #4 : bazzinga !!<laughs>

repeat until funny.

i`m not fooling anyone here,, i love it. its full of cultural reference points and social dynamic mini-maps that can be used to communicate across generations. a bit like friends.

thanks for reading.


  1. I love the Big Bang Theory!

  2. Rats! I was hoping you'd have the words to the opening song. I guess we'll all have to settle for "something, something, something."
    I really like the show.
    I'm so ashamed.

  3. I love this show!! The nerds are soo funny! As far as the show "Friends" goes.. the BBT is A LOT better than that stupid show.

  4. I should imagine there's a lot of frustrated staring from the geeks which might be funny.

  5. I just got back from the library with The Big Bang Theory, Season One, Disc 3. No lie.

    It is my brain-vegging show. But at the same time, if you listen to what the really dorky one says, you can learn new words and concepts forreal.

  6. This show is ace!! but is it really comparable to friends?
    I know its an American show and has the haunting souless laughter track punching your ears out just incase the real thickos miss something between scoffing fistfull and fistfull of whatever fatty food they choose to hide their desperation behind, but friends was rubbish (and for girls!) whereas Big bang has science in it and therfore is obviously for boys. Girls watch it for fashion tips when that lazy eyed tart walks in and eats all the food and says "wha...?" and "Huh!?!?" every now and again.
    It also makes me feel clever because i once understood one of the jokes with a big word in it. took the rest of the day off when that one aired! hoo-ya!

  7. It's the #1 show in Canada -- we love The Boys!

  8. Never really watched the Big Bang Theory before. Although, I know what bazinga was, I know this guy who had a jacket with the words on it. Bazzinga!

  9. I'm going to have to give this show a try. Sounds interesting!

  10. Love this show and following !

  11. this is one of my favourite shows - it is so well observed

  12. I haven't given it a chance if I'm honest because of it's stereotypical "nerds". I'm told I was right to do this.

  13. I kid you not, I am watching and listening to the opening to the BBT right now. Love the show.

  14. Sounds like exactly why I don't watch much tv.

  15. I think I have a love-it hate-it relationship with this show.

    Sure, it can be funny. But sooo many things wrong about the way it portrays huge swathes of society.

  16. One of the best damn shows on TV.

  17. Believe it or not, we get this show here! Sadly, I cannot watch SABC TV, even if they sneak one or two decent shows in, the rest is utter shite! I must admit, I'm sort of stuck in a 90's loop right now and totally binging on Seinfeld! Great review, babe! :)

  18. The best thing out there by far and I mean very far....bazinga!

  19. I don't usually watch shows like this--but since I knew next to nothing about Big Bang Theory before I read this post and see references to it all over the place, thanks for the review!

  20. Neat blog following!!!!!

  21. I might give this show another chance based on this review. The first time I tried to get into this show I just couldn't get past the notion that the humor was based on one character saying something science related.

  22. I keep having people tell me to check it out. Guess I hafta!

  23. I have not heard of this. I hardly watch TV.

  24. Love this show, its the best on TV!

  25. Haha! This is one of my favorite shows!

  26. now I'm stuck thinking about galaxies colliding, transference of energies, explosions, magnetic repulsions of stars, etc
    if the big collapse is just as true as the big bang what does it look like as the farthest outlying stars get pulled in at absurd rates as they collide with the collective? is that what tends to trigger the new bang?
    just so much to consider

    and none of it relevant to the show, how did you do that?

    1. ...she was only the physicists daughter,
      but she let the hadron collider.

  27. It really is a funny show. Then again, I'm easily amused. You've read my blog. Ha!

  28. Replies
    1. so sorry my friend, i had a busy family weekend and my spare time has been taken up reading blogs.

  29. My mom LOVES this show. Now I'm even more intrigued to watch it :)

  30. I watched the first season and I enjoyed it but I think it started going downhill around the middle of the second season.

  31. Love it !!

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