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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Internet Dating

( Single Sites Decoded )

i don`t mind admitting that i`ve spent time on dating sites, the urge to join sometimes is irresistible. not old school dating sites you understand. oh no, only since the rise of easy to join / no subscription web sites  have i shown an interest, and even then its not really an interest, it seems more of an obligation.
i like to think of it as "window shopping ", it`s all to do with the fantasy world i live in where i have a choice.


  1. join. 
  2. upload a photo
  3.  rattle off a few words of description ( only to be edited many times over )
  4. start a basic search, spend every evening trawling through endless photo`s of glasses of wine, webcam snaps,birthday pics, photography studio experiments,duckfaces,. if i see one more "wacky" one i think i`ll scream.
  5. have no luck whatsoever, and believe me , i`ve got low standards.
  6. delete account after 6 months.
rinse and repeat.

Here are some descriptions you might find, and what they really mean:

 Outgoing Personality :           Total Alpha, runs the room and always gets the last word.

 Bubbly :                                Usually code for fat, but in reality see above.

Loves Cinema, dining out :    As long as you are paying.

Own house and car :              Can`t afford to keep paying a handyman

Looking For Long Term :        seriously needs to get laid without appearing loose.

Light Smoker  :                       Chain smokes hunched over a keyboard at night.

Social Drinker  :                      Gets the wine out as soon as the kids are in bed.

Loves the outdoors  :                 House is a mess.

wait a minute,, outgoing personality ? if you have an " outgoing personality ", what you doing on a dating site ?

<   i best leave it there, i can feel a rant coming on   >

I`m not saying they dont work, i know plenty of people who have hooked up through the internet, me included. - didnt last or end well, but there it is. i say never give up if that`s your thing.

be good.

thanks for reading.


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