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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trolls and Winchasers

The term " Troll " made it into the media just over a year ago, thanks to Charlie Sheen, but the definition seems to have drifted a little from the original. Thanks to writers who cant be bothered to research properly and reporters who dont want to appear uninformed, the term troll is being used to label anyone online who annoys you 

Charlie Sheen made the mistake of reading what people say about him, and once people realised he was getting involved with the internets, they piled in with anything that might invoke a response from the , well , shall we say " fragile " ? Mr Sheen. The news agencies jumped all over it, and it all made excellent TV .

If this is all a mystery to you, get googling - charlie sheen, dragonblood, winning , breakdown.

What the outside world didnt realise, was that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and trolling has evolved and mutated into different forms - all with very similar goals.

The mass adoption of Facebook saw the rise of the "Grammar Nazi ". Make a spelling mistake on a status update and they are the first to jump in with a patronizing correction with the oh so important star.

Regular users of the You Tube see  followers clambering for the top comments spot, usually by quoting a line in the video, or scripting the most sarcastic comment ever. 

During the recent Olympics, a diver named Tom Daley outed a " Troll " on twitter, who promptly recieved a visit from the real world police. The sad little bedsit-ridden 17 year old loved the 50 thousand extra twitter followers he " achieved " by sending what was in effect, a real-time poison pen-letter to an athlete at the Olympics.

All these people have one thing in common -  they are all Winchasers.

Anything for a " win "
So much so, they actively chase it.
A winchaser will trawl the youtube comments section for inaccuracies, taking on the role of Stephen Fry in Q.I  with added venom when others try to argue.

Another type on the rise is the white knight winchaser, actively seeking things to find insulting and furiously typing away like they are about to abolish slavery. Other white knight winchasers hover like vultures and pounce at the first opportunity. Once the credibility is established, the Daily mail jumps in and middle england have something new to find offensive.

The definition of Troll is something totally different, you could check wikipedia, but i`ll leave the best definition to the master : Moot

I re-wrote this article today after Jason Manford published  this beautiful piece < HERE > on the same subject. My post was very similar to his, so i changed mine out of respect.


  1. Grammar Nazis are mildly annoying but the rest of them are a major pain in the ass.

    1. sometimes, i`d love to be able to meet some of these people in real life.

  2. Last week I succumbed to being a Grammar nazi. The conversation went something like this.

    First person - Their going to the movie.

    Second person - *There

    Me - *They are or They're (I had to say something!)

    1. i dont blame you,, most the world craves education yet first world kids almost go out of their way to spell things wrong. Its as if an education is something to be ashamed of. This makes me sad.

  3. Grammar Nazi's aren't all that bad, as I like learning when I have a mistake, as long as they don't sit there and are on your arse as soon as you do it or something. The rest can bite me.

  4. Hello, gorgeous!

    My god, the first time I encountered the word 'trolling' or indeed 'trollin'' - sans the 'g', was back in 2004. Iggy Pop and the boys did a reunion album (not the best idea they've had!) and it was the title of the first track! Trollin'!

    I abhor 'trolls' and find them to be much like the pope's testicle department, utterly pointless! I also abhor sarcasm used as anything other than for humourous effect. It really is the lowest form of communication. I will never understand the girls who allow anonymous commenters (anons) on their blogs/tumblrs, they're just begging for it! Silly tarts! Honestly, the comments you see on Youtube and Facebook fansites are a clear sign of a distinct lack of intelligence! Morons!

    I've not encountered the gramar Nazis personally, but I really do get annoyed with the 'text' crowd! Ts nt kewl, ts jst fking ly-z! Berks! Get a clue, already!

    I love the Stephen Fry reference! Brilliant! Much love :) ♥♥♥

    1. It's *fan sites and *grammar, you moron!

      Well, what do you know, a regular grammar Nazi, me! Haha! XD

  5. Hmm, troll is now part of the American lexicon; amazing to think that it only took a year to do it.

  6. The smile on his face in that last picture ... priceless!

  7. Ahhh moot. You created the largest haven for trolls all over the world.

    The internet would be so much less interesting without you.

  8. people need to learn the difference
    if they already rape memes and stuff they should at least know the meaning

  9. I can attest to the horrible spelling going on. I am a teacher. It is atrocious. As a teacher, I am a full-time Grammar Nazi.

    Great Post and keep up the good work

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