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Thursday, 24 May 2012


Even though the year started 5 months ago, 2012 started last week for many in the uk.

It started last week in Cornwall with the arrival of the Olympic Flame, proud torch bearers around the country waiting for their Andy Warhol moment.-  8000 in all from what i can gather, nominated by local communities and no doubt they have been counting down the days til they can do their part and claim a very small slice of history.

i can`t be the only one that sees the olympics as a fortnight of tv and tracksuits, and to be honest ...( ...a phrase that should only be used once every 10 years, enforcable by law )... i paid no attention until i saw how much these torches were fetching on e-bay.. the first ones went on-line within hours and........wow. 

of course, if you have to pay for the torch in the first place,( around £200, but that includes the uniform. ) i`m assuming that it belongs to you and you can do what you want with it. .  i watched one sell for £150 000 two days ago. there was a bit of a moral backlash and hasty auction edits to include charitable elements, but all the same...wow. why wait 20 years to queue up with all the others at your nearest Antiques Roadshow when you can cash in now.?

 if you own one of these torches  and you are stuck for ideas, i have a few suggestions.

p.s. : some tracksuits will be worth a small fortune when its all over.

note to self : stop googling jessica ennis, you`ll go blind..

thanks for reading.

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