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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trolls and Winchasers

The term " Troll " made it into the media just over a year ago, thanks to Charlie Sheen, but the definition seems to have drifted a little from the original. Thanks to writers who cant be bothered to research properly and reporters who dont want to appear uninformed, the term troll is being used to label anyone online who annoys you 

Charlie Sheen made the mistake of reading what people say about him, and once people realised he was getting involved with the internets, they piled in with anything that might invoke a response from the , well , shall we say " fragile " ? Mr Sheen. The news agencies jumped all over it, and it all made excellent TV .

If this is all a mystery to you, get googling - charlie sheen, dragonblood, winning , breakdown.

What the outside world didnt realise, was that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and trolling has evolved and mutated into different forms - all with very similar goals.

The mass adoption of Facebook saw the rise of the "Grammar Nazi ". Make a spelling mistake on a status update and they are the first to jump in with a patronizing correction with the oh so important star.

Regular users of the You Tube see  followers clambering for the top comments spot, usually by quoting a line in the video, or scripting the most sarcastic comment ever. 

During the recent Olympics, a diver named Tom Daley outed a " Troll " on twitter, who promptly recieved a visit from the real world police. The sad little bedsit-ridden 17 year old loved the 50 thousand extra twitter followers he " achieved " by sending what was in effect, a real-time poison pen-letter to an athlete at the Olympics.

All these people have one thing in common -  they are all Winchasers.

Anything for a " win "
So much so, they actively chase it.
A winchaser will trawl the youtube comments section for inaccuracies, taking on the role of Stephen Fry in Q.I  with added venom when others try to argue.

Another type on the rise is the white knight winchaser, actively seeking things to find insulting and furiously typing away like they are about to abolish slavery. Other white knight winchasers hover like vultures and pounce at the first opportunity. Once the credibility is established, the Daily mail jumps in and middle england have something new to find offensive.

The definition of Troll is something totally different, you could check wikipedia, but i`ll leave the best definition to the master : Moot

I re-wrote this article today after Jason Manford published  this beautiful piece < HERE > on the same subject. My post was very similar to his, so i changed mine out of respect.

Call Of Duty

Online Multi-Player First Person Shooter Adrenaline Fest

Otherwise known as COD

No, not that sort of Cod. That`s a fish that lives in the North Atlantic and tastes really nice with a little squeeze of lemon and a side order of peas.

Call Of Duty has a bad name outside the gaming community , it gets blamed for real world violence, anti-social behaviour and psychological problems. All of these attitudes are so ill-informed and yet it still goes on.
I play cod quite regularly, have done for several years. I find it perfect for unblocking " block ", as writers call it. I find it speeds up reaction time, you have no choice but to focus while playing it and the parallels with zen meditation are undeniable.

I only play the online multiplayer game, which might seem like a waste of money, but not for me. Its the only  game i play, online or otherwise.

I`m also aware that some of you will have stopped reading by now, which is a shame because not many gamers fit into the media stereotype. 

I was told by my doctor that i needed to sit in one position for two hours a day following a back operation in 2005, so i bought a gamecube. Simple as that. It was a great way to heal and a brilliant way of deferring the pain. I bought loads of games and didnt really take to any of them. Long story short - a friend loaned me Call of Duty 3 to play on xbox360, i tried in online and i`ve been with it ever since. 
Unbelievably entertaining, funny, exhilarating and about as violent as table tennis.

Remember Duck Hunt ? 

That`s all Call of Duty is really, a glorified, 3D version of Duck Hunt. The position of the targets are determined by the choices of real people, in real time, but it`s basically the same. I`m fairly sure the nay-sayers of 15 years ago who said these games would make people violent, would have been a generation raised on Monopoly. Did they all grow up to be millionare landlords?  I guess not.


I cant really say what the actual "game " is like ( or single player as its called ) and a apologise profusely to the designers and producers because i know how much hard work goes into them, but, i dont play them.

This is how i play Call Of Duty online-


get shot



get shot.

spawn, run
throw grenade.

step on claymore


get shot.

swear alot.


get mown down by helicopter fire. 

rage quit.

xboxlive gamer tag : crowbloke
(currently on my 4th prestige, annoying the hell out of other gamers by running round with just a riot shield.)

edit : although that first picture looks like me, i can assure you , it isn't.

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