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Friday, 26 April 2013

St George`s Day

St Georges Day a couple of days ago, and i`m in the  ancient town of Bridgnorth.

The first attractive day of the year and i`m sitting by the river, sipping a fruity beverage and watching these magnificent beasts protect their young.

For those of you not familiar with that strange colouring towards the top of the picture - that is in fact what we call a " blue sky ". Mythically associated with the summer months and people all over the land rush to view pictures of it on their phones everyday.

I guess all these feathery wonders must be related because when some others came to share the job of collecting breadcrumbs, the home crowd were not happy.

Watching them kick the living daylights out of each other reminds me of a Judo semi-final -  graceful and artistic with moments of frenzied violence. Always one-on-one , with the others acting as security, wings out-streched and plenty of honking. 

I decline the suggestion of goosey-violence photo`s and look up  to see several men dressed in  " St George`s Day " costumes walking across the bridge. A couple of these pub-crawlers are wearing chain-mail headgear as well as the huge  flag / nightdress combination , don`t laugh - they take it seriously.

A little hesitant to take pictures of these , erm , gentlemen , so i do`nt, but it did get me thinking.

These men of probably Germanic origin -  (drinking dutch lager, taking photo`s with their korean made phones, wearing clothes made in china and shoes manufactured in the philippines. They all arrived in japanese cars which blocked us in while they went for italian food) - Were celebrating being English .

i find this amusing.

oh, and by the way. - where did the last 12 months go ?

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