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Friday, 2 August 2013

That Picture

Sometime last year i mentioned in a post that at certain times of year, the sun is at just the right angle to light up the windows of the town , roughly a mile away.

Well, wouldnt you know it - it`s taken this long to get the photo.

Even now it`s not the best photo.

That`s a storm brewing. The lightning is striking as i type, which puts a nice atmosphere to the episode of Sherlock that`s on the tv. 

It`s the one where Moriarty gets himself arrested by sneaking into the safe where they keep the crown jewels and Sherlock has to....

I wont spoilt it.

If you zoom in a bit, you can see the windows of the Wolverhampton University Art block, all shiny golden. 

No photo`s do this justice.

Thanks for waiting.

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